Dotty – pink polka dot cushion in rose quartz silk


Perfect for a chair or on a bed.

  • 25cm x 50cm
  • Tussar silk
  • Includes feather & down inner

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This contemporary pink polka dot cushion is created by embroidering tufted silk. The soft, rose quartz coloured hand-woven tussar silk background fabric has a luxuriant sheen and perfectly complements the deeper rose coloured dots. Finished with a fine piping of matching rose quartz tussar silk*.

This cushion has a companion cushion, Dotty – Shaded Rose. The polka dots are the same colour on both versions however the shaded rose cushion is embroidered on to hand-dyed rose coloured silk velvet. They do look wonderful displayed together.

*Tussar silk is produced from the larvae of several species of silkworms belonging to the moth genus Antheraea and these can be found living in wild forests, eating the leaves of the trees they live on. In India, Bhagalpur in Bihar is the traditional centre of tussar silk production with an estimated 30,000 handloom weavers and the Malda district, in West Bengal is also a significant producer. Tussar silk is more textured than cultivated ‘mulberry’ silk as it has shorter fibres.




25cm x 50cm


Tussar Silk


Dry clean only. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading and deterioration to the fabric.

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