Suri – cream linen cushion with Parsee embroidered roses


Perfect for a small chair or on a bed.

  • 40cm x 30cm
  • Linen, silk
  • Includes feather & down inner

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This stunning linen cushion features a heavily embroidered floral border.  Full-blown red roses are framed by a toffee brown velvet ribbon detail. With this design you can readily see the influence of Chinese embroidery techniques on this Parsee border.

The Parsee people who settled in India are of Persian descent and followers of the prophet Zoroaster. One of their many talents has been their distinctive and fine embroidery style. Contact with Chinese merchants in the 19th and 20th centuries often shows in these designs, along with Persian, Indian and English influences.


Cream, red, brown


40cm x 30cm


Linen, silk velvet


Dry clean only. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight prevent fading and deterioration to the fabric.

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